Unique body language

Found this interesting piece of information in a travel guide about Filipinos’ unique body language. Tell me if this is true:

Filipinos signify ‘Yes’ by raising the eyebrows or lifting the head upwards slightly. The hand movements which mean ‘Go away’ to us signify ‘Come here’ in the Philippines.

The thumb and middle finger are not used to indicate numbers. Instead of pointing with your finger, indicate discreetly by pointing pursed lips in the direction you want.

One hisses to gain attention, for example, when calling a waiter in a restaurant. When you want to pay the bill, draw a rectangle in the air with your index finger and thumb.

If Filipinos don’t understand a question, they open their mouths.

So what do you think? Very unique, isn’t it?


  1. jim says

    yeah, its all true. i’ve lived there almost 7 yrs and thats exactly what they do. not sure about the open mouth. i find there’s very little they understand(from what i say), but they always shake their head “yes”

  2. eofinn massacre says

    This is not actually ONLY a body language of Filipinos. I’ve seen American movies and if you are observant or keen enough to see their actions, you would notice that they also do some gestures that you claim to be only in the Philippines. Go and see for yourself. Watch Japanese, Korean, whatever you want.

    • adminOITP Admin says

      You may be right. Perhaps the travel guide where the story was picked up may now be outdated. Or, perhaps we Filipinos have already influenced other cultures.

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