Only in the Philippines at YouTube

Searching YouTube for video posts for instances of “only in the philippines” (enclosed in quotes to be more restrictive rather than without the quotes), we noted at least 163 243 uploads as at oday, 4 Februrary 2009, today.

We had a quick look at the videos and we selected some of those which we thought would give our visitors an insight into what makes the Philippines unique.

Here are some of our selections (more to come) last year:

Jess Santiago sings Only in the Philippines
Forum on Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) Extension with Reform held in Solair UP Diliman, Q.C.

Boracay – Only in the Philippines

Fireworks display – only in the philippines

Penitensiya – Holy Week only in the Philippines

2008 Giant Lantern Festival in City of San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines

Do you know of other “only in the Philippines” videos that you want us to feature on this page? Contact us with the URL of the video.

Updated: 4 February 2010

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