Manila in Technicolor – 1960s

Received the following photos last October from our friend, edd a. He emailed them on to friends with a note: “yep, ’twas the time before they dumped dirt in the pristine waters of manila bay, the jeepneys shorter and was faithful with original Jeep chassis, roads free of shadows cast by skyways and waterways unclogged and floods “wade-able”.

Very sad, isn’t it? And the streets were so clean too! Yes, Only in the Philippines!

Captions by JKP and Rc. If you were familiar with the places and you think the IDs are not accurate, feel free to post your comments.


  1. Albert Christian says

    I might be mistaken…but I think the building which you identified as the old Congressional Hall is the National Museum.

    …unless of course the National Museum used to be the old Congressional Hall. =/

  2. says

    Nice pics! Lets go to the 8th image. If you are referring to the old Congress building, that is the one far on the background. You are actually looking at the Agrifina Circle wherein on the center image is the Department of Finance Building (now National Museum) and the Department of Tourism building (down, right). LOve this photos!

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