Photos of Old Manila


It’s not all spam that we receive in our mailbox. From time to time, we are also rewarded with email gems by friends who find delight in sharing their finds. edd a and Bless S are two of them. Here they are – photos of Old Manila courtesy of our friends. I believe the original […]

Kundiman Magandang Diwata


“Kundiman Magandang Diwata” Jocelyn ng Baliwag, Magandang Diwata”, a kundiman circa 1800. Full text from YouTube post: “From 1896 to 1898 the most famous Kundiman, which fired the patriotic sentiments of the Tagalog revolutionaries in the struggle for liberation from Spanish colonial rule, was Jocelyn ng Baliuag. Officially known as Musica del Legitimo Kundiman Procedente […]

Tarlac High School, first public school in the Philippines

Did you know that the Tarlac High School, formerly the Tarlac Provincial High School was the first public high school that was ever established in the Philippines? In October 1900, Mr Frank R. White was named deputy division superintendent for Tarlac Province and during his incumbency the Tarlac Provincial High School was opened on September […]