This website has three domain names, ONLYINTHEPHILIPPINES.COM, ONLYINTHEPHILIPPINES.NET, and ONLYINTHEPHILIPPINES.ORG. When you enter any of these domain names in your web browser, you will be directed to this website.

The domain names were first registered in May 2001, waiting for their turn to be developed. And we are happy that the time has come.  As you would appreciate, we can use the brand name in so many ways. We have not discounted that possibility.

But for now, we would like to work on an “Only in the Philippines” information site.

We aim to publish materials that provide answers, hopefully, to questions like: What makes the Philippines unique? Is it its people, places, culture or other things including its flora and fauna that no other country has? Are there no other countries that do what we in the Philippines do? Is it only in the Philippines that a particular value system is so well entrenched to the point that other cultures begin to look at the Philippines as some kind of an out-of-this-world country?

What do we achieve by putting out this kind of publication? We could achieve a lot. As a starter, the information especially the amusing stories and anecdotes could be a form of entertainment. Then, this site could also be a repository of cultural, social, and even scientific notes, for students of Philippine studies. Others may also find the materials in this site as a reinforcement of what they already know. And that something has to be done!

We at emanila.com have started this website’s initial pages, and we are quite happy with the support and response of our readers and members, both published in this website and in our social media pages. You can also help by joining us and sharing your “Only in the Philippines” materials. Also, you can share your thoughts through comments, and also sharing the posts in this website with your friends.

Maraming salamat.